26 Best Minecraft Seeds You Must Try in Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition has millions of fans around the world. One reason for this immense popularity are the Minecraft Bedrock Seeds that allow you to have an initial spawn point near your desired structure. You can use them to give your game a pleasant beginning. If you want to know more about them, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I’m going to explain what Minecraft Bedrock Seeds are. And, I’m also going to add a list of the best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds for the dedicated players. Just use them and you’ll be able to give you game the desired initiation point.

What are Minecraft Bedrock Seeds?

Minecraft drops you in a completely new and unique block world every time you start a new save. The decision to where you’ll start is random but you can control it with the Minecraft Seeds. The Minecraft Bedrock Edition (BE), which is also known as the Pocket Edition (PE), is different from the traditional Minecraft game, so the Seeds for it are also different.

Minecraft Bedrock Seeds allow you to create a pre-determined world to build in. This will help you to have an initial spawn point near any structure like a village, ravine, the dungeon, etc, of your choice. When you input a seed during world creation in Minecraft BE, you will spawn in your desired location decided by the seed code.

How to use Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft Bedrock seeds allow you to spawn in impressive landscapes and excellent biomes. You can take your game to a whole different level with them by choosing extreme locations such as a deserted island or any other you prefer. If you are new to the seeds, I’ll explain how to use them.

To use a seed while generating a fresh world, click on ‘New’ on the main menu. Then, a new window will open. Enter the name of your game and the seed code here. Just click on the ‘proceed’ arrow and your game will start. Now enjoy it in your desired world.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds for Minecraft Players

Minecraft randomly chooses a world for you but you can choose a world of your choice by using the right seeds. If you are looking for some of the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds, this is the right place for you. Here I’m listing some amazing seeds that you can input while generating a fresh world and drop in a pre-determined world.

1. Lava Cliff

When you spawn yourself near the lava cliffs, it is going to be a tremendous adventure for you while going through a visual treat. This seed allows you to do that. It helps you to spawn near the cliff face where lava is flowing just like a waterfall flows. You have to do a little digging near the spawn point to find an abandoned mineshaft.

Seed Code: 98450566

2. Small Town

Spawning in a village is normal but spawning in a small town completely created by the game itself is amusing. You can use this seed to do that. It helps you to start building in a bonafide town built up by combining three villages. You’ll definitely enjoy being there.


3. Woodland Mansion

What can be greater than spawning in a town instead of a village? Yes, you guessed it right, a woodland mansion. This seed allows you to start from a splendid mansion and you’ll also get a village nearby to find all the essential items.

Seed Code: -396676922

4. Desert Village

Some Minecraft worlds are extreme to live in, and if you truly want to make the game challenging, you should try spawning in them. The desert village is one of them and this seed allows you to spawn in it. You will find yourself in a desert village located on the edge of mesa biome.


5. Mushroom Peninsula

Spawning around giant red-capped mushrooms is a unique Minecraft experience. You can do that by spawning in the Mushroom peninsula. It is one of the most charming worlds to begin in. There is also an underwater monument near the coast. It is filled with rare materials like prismarine and sponges.


6. Deserted Island

Now that you know about a unique world, let’s take a look at the most different world to begin in. It is the deserted island. You will find yourself spawning on a deserted island filled with sea turtles, a cave with losts of monsters, a few trees, and many more mysteries. It is one of the most challenging spawn locations.

Seed Code: 1865786728

7. Icy Tundra

There are lots of spawn locations that have greenery surrounding you but the Icy Tundra allows you to spawn in a white valley. You will be in a field of towering ice spikes near a small riverside village. You can go on your own Frozen-esque adventure.

Seed Code: KOP

8. Desert Temple

This Minecraft seed spawns you near a desert temple that you can raid immediately. You will have deep ravines, multiple villages, and a lot of trees around you. You will find two villages present on top of each other but in different biomes. Also, don’t set off the TNT hidden in the temple’s chest room.

Seed Code: FINAL

9. Ocean Village

Nothing could be more amazing than spawning in a village floating inside the ocean. You can use this seed to start off inside a village that is built by wooden planks decks joined together. The view around you is going to be really gorgeous.

Seed: ACE

10. Panda Forest

Do you love Pandas? If yes, you’d love to spawn in a jungle full of pandas, parrots, and bamboo trees. This seed allows you to spawn inside a Panda forest to build your tree-top home. You could even try to pet a panda and take it on the adventure with you.

Seed Code: 57558375

More Minecraft Seeds

  1. Flower Plains: 1425516286
  2. Mountain Village: 50975
  3. Witch Hut: 825217104
  4. Floating Woodland: INFINITY
  5. Minecraft Metropolis: 1388582293
  6. Underwater Shipwreck: 1193133207
  7. Jungle Resources: 1068624430
  8. Festive Village: 1410403532
  9. Mesa Spikes: 742382451
  10. Hidden Castle: 66898262
  11. Little bit of everything: 972330367
  12. Desert Ruins: 2048971879
  13. Mountain Village with Dungeon: 1231267014
  14. Meteor Mystery: 2084759484
  15. Biome Bundle: 676194426
  16. Mountain Swamp: KICK ME FROM THE HILL

Final Words

Minecraft Bedrock seeds are very helpful as they allow you to spawn into a pre-determined world. You can make the beginning of your game more pleasant in this way. These are the best Minecraft Bedrock seeds for you. You can use them and drop into the world of your choice. If you know about some more good ones, let me know in the comments below.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Don’t forget to tell us what are your favorite seeds by using the comment box.

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