20+ Fun Games to Play Over Facetime & WhatsApp

As we are all locked away from our buddies, so it is a nice time to find some games to play over Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp with them. You can play such games by video calling your friends or even conference calling your whole group. There are many exciting games that you can play to happily pass the abundance of leisure time.

In this post, I will tell you about the 20+ Fun Games to play over Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp & Other Video calling Apps that’ll help you feel stay close to the ones you can’t meet in person currently. If you fall into the social butterfly category, you’d definitely love these games.

Fun Games to Play Over Facetime, Skype & WhatsApp Video Call:

Games are an integral part of having fun in our free time. There are a lot of games that need to you be with the person with whom you are playing. But, there are certain games that you can play with your friends without being near. You’ll just need to connect with them using a video call. You can play these games using any of the video calling services like Skype, WhatsApp, or Facetime.

Fun Games to Play Facetime Skype Whatsapp

When the normal talks over a video call get boring, you can start playing these games to kick in the fun part. And, to multiply the fun, you can start playing the games with your group. So, none of you are left bored at home.

1. Never Have I Ever

You may already know about this game but have you ever tried it while video calling? No? Then, you must try it ASAP. It is an exciting game where players take a turn telling some really interesting facts about what they have never done. One person says Never have I ever, while the other person throws the name of any activity. And, then the first person needs to respond with Never or I Did. It is a fun game that usually starts with general things but escalates very quickly to shocking stuff.

2. Truth or Dare

This is the game that almost everyone has played at least once with someone. It doesn’t even need any introduction. But, on a video call, you don’t have to spin a bottle or anything. You just have to take turns one after another and choose Truth or Dare Games. And the other person will ask you a question if you chose truth or will give you a dare that you have to complete while video calling if you chose dare. It is an exciting game that has a high tendency to turn naughty real soon!

3. Complete the Story

This is the finest game to play with your best friend whom you secretly adore a lot. In this game, you just have to say any random line from which you both need to spin an interesting story. Both of you have to take turns saying a line after line to complete the story. Just try it and you’ll notice that this game can be literally played for hours without getting bored.

4. Read My Lips

Read My Lips is a simple game that you can play with one or as many people you want on a video call. In this game, one person says a word but without any voice or muting the mic. While the other person has to guess what he or she said by reading their lips. The one who guesses more is announced as a winner.

5. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Yes, you can actually play Rock, Paper, Scissors over a video call and it is really fun playing. The only thing that you need to do this is a good internet connection and clear video call quality.

6. Words

This is a really fun game that can be played for hours with your friends. In this game, you just need to pick a category like countries, animals, or anything and say a word related to it, and the other person has to say another word starting with the last letter of the word you said. The repetition of words is not allowed and you only get 20 seconds or less to think of the word. The one who is out of words loses the game.

7. Pick One

Pick One is a fun game that you can play to know about the other person better. In this game, all the participants have to take turns in giving a person two choices, and the person has to pick one from them. For example, you’d say Coffee or Tea, Boyfriend or Bestfriend, Summer or Winter and the other person has to pick their choice.

8. What If

In this game, you have to create random interesting situations and ask the other person that what he or she will do in it. For example, you have to say What if you are stuck on an island, and the other person will respond with their answer. It is a simple yet very fun game played especially among the couples to bond better.

9. Tell 5 Names

This is a simple yet tough game that you can play individually or by being in teams with your friends. In this game, one person or team has to say a category like Animal, Countries, Actors, Singer, and anything, while the other has to tell 5 names related to that.

10. Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades might be the most popular game that people play on social gatherings like picnics or parties. But, have you ever played it on a video call? If not, just give it a try. To play it on a video call, the one who is mimicking the movie needs to turn off their mic and the other person has to guess the name of the movie. All the other rules are the same as the original game.

11. Riddles

Riddles is one more exciting game that you can play with your friends. In this game, you have to ask a riddle to the other person and he or she has to reply with an answer in the given duration of time. If the other person is not able to guess the answer, he/she is declared as a loser and must complete a task of your choosing. You can also visit Riddles.com if you can’t think of any good ones.

12. Skip the Number

This is another very popular game among teenagers. In this game, you have to count the numbers starting from 1 but you have to skip the multiples of either 3 or 5. For example, when you have to skip 3, one person says 1, the other says 3, the first one says 4, the other says 5, the first one says 7, and so on.

Bonus List of All the Games to Play Over Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp Video Call

  • Never Have I Ever
  • Truth or Dare
  • Complete the Story
  • Read My Lips
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Words
  • Pick One
  • What If
  • Tell 5 Names
  • Dumb Charades
  • Riddles
  • Skip the Number
  • Board Games
  • Personal Quiz
  • Guess the object by hints
  • Kiss, Marry & Kill
  • Dance Party
  • Statue
  • Guess the Full Form
  • Would you Rather
  • Extempore
  • Guess the Song
  • Movie Lines

Final Thoughts

Staying at home without being able to meet your friends is boring, but these fun games can help you stay close to them. You just need to video call them and play these games so both of you can kick the boredom together. If you know about some more interesting games, let us all know using the comment box. Also, if you have any confusion regarding the rules of any game mentioned in this post, you can freely ask me in the comments section.

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