How to Unblur an Image? [Online/Offline Methods]

Not everyone is a born photographer. So, it is normal to capture blurry or shaky images through the camera. The problem lies when you don’t know how to unblur an image using modern methods. If you want to learn about them, this post is specifically written for you.

Here, I will guide you on how to unblur an image by using your smartphone or PC. I will tell you about the 5 best methods to do that. These include both offline and online ones.

Best Methods to Unblur an Image

With the recent advancements in technology, it is now completely possible to unblur an image. There are many methods, both online and offline, to do that. Since the majority of the pictures captured are clicked through mobile cameras and not professional ones, blurred images appear very frequently.

how to unblur an image

Whether it is a concert selfie, a sports event’s groupfie, or any picture, you’ll be able to unblur them and make them worth posting with the help of these methods. Let’s take a look at the best methods to unblur images now.

1. Use Snapseed to Unblur an Image on Android

Snapseed is a widely popular image editing application available for both Android and iOS devices. You can use Snapseed to unblur the blurred images directly via your mobile. To know how to do that, follow these simple steps:

  • Install Snapseed from Play Store or App Store.
  • Now launch it and upload the blurry image you want to correct.
  • Once the image is loaded, tap on ‘Details.’
  • Next, tap on ‘Sharpener’ and then ‘Unblur.’

  • After that, tap on ‘Structure’ and then tap on ‘Show more details.
  • Finally, adjust certain features and save your creation.

That’s it. This is how you can use Snapseed to correct blurred pictures. This app has a lot to offer if you learn to use it properly. You can find a lot of YouTube guides teaching you how to use Snapseed.

2. Unblur Pictures with GIMP

If you want to fix the blurred image on your PC, then you have to install an image editing software known as GIMP. You can use it to sharpen the picture and get rid of the blur. Follow these steps to know what you have to do:

  • Download and install GIMP on your PC.
  • Once installed, launch it and open the blurred image.
  • Take your cursor to the toolbox and click on ‘Blur/Sharpen.’
  • Next, drag the cursor to sharpen the picture. You can also click on a specific portion to make it sharper.
  • After that, go through the toolbox and make some minor changes like contrast and brightness.

  • Finally, save the image.

That’s it. This is how you can use GIMP to correct any blurry picture on your PC.

3. Use an Online Deblurring Tool

Nowadays, there are many deblurring tools available online that allow you to unblur images directly from your browser. You can use them to unblur any blurry picture. Using them is really simple, you just need to upload the image on the website, click on ‘Unblur/Deblur‘ and then wait for results. Once done, you can download the edited image.

unblur an image with fotor

These are the top online deblurring tools that you can use to edit your pictures:

You can use any of these, or maybe use multiple ones if you aren’t satisfied with the services of one.

4. Use a Deblurring Utility on your PC

There are many Windows applications built specifically to unblur or deblur your blurred pictures. You can use them to fix any shaky or blurry image. Using them is a more secure and efficient method as your data isn’t uploaded to any cloud, you can do everything offline. You just have to open the image in the utility and unblur it by using their tools.

Below is the list of top deblurring utilities for your Windows PC:

You can use any of these and correct all the pictures that you marked as waste because of blurred visuals.

5. Unblur an Image with Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and arguably the best photo editing software. You can literally do infinite things to your pictures if you know how to use it. One of those things is unblurring a blurry picture. Remember that you will need an above-average PC to run Photoshop smoothly as it is a heavy application.

Note: You can use Paint.Net to fix blurred images on your PC if your computer is not able to run Adobe Photoshop smoothly. Paint.Net is a lightweight app and you can easily learn to use it.

unblur an image with

Once ready, follow these steps to know how you can unblur an image using Photoshop:

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop.
  • Open the image you want to edit in Photoshop.
  • Click on the Filters menu and then click on Enhance.
  • Now click on ‘Unsharp Mask.’
  • Next, adjust both the Radius and Amount until the blur is gone.

  • Finally, do other adjustments to correct the tuning.

That’s it. If you are using a newer version, then you can also use the ‘Camera Shake Reduction’ feature to reduce the blur in your images. If you want to learn about Photoshop briefly, ask me in the comments section and I’ll recommend you the best YouTube video guide.

Is It Possible to Unblur an Image Perfectly?

Capturing blurred pictures is normal as everyone doesn’t have the best skills or equipment. However, sometimes we click some really amazing pictures of valuable moments but they get blurred. In this situation, we wonder if it can be fixed by some unblurring methods. Fortunately, it is possible but only partially. To explain this briefly to you, I’ll show you some pictures from a Quora user “Vijaya Lakhsmi.”

She first clicked a normal picture of flowers:

unblur an image

After that, she blurred it using Photoshop, and the picture turned out like this:

unblur an image

Then, she used Photoshop again to unblur the image by sharpening it, and this is how the unblurred image looks being compared with the blurred one:

Also, take a look at the unblurred image compared with the original picture:

You can clearly understand that it is possible to unblur an image that is blurred but only to a certain extent. However, you can’t restore the original details of the picture. It is easier to unblur images perfectly that are blurred very little. But, if an image is heavily blurred, it is pretty hard to restore it by sharpening.

Final Verdict

Clicking blurred images is not a problem when you know the right methods to unblur it. These are the 5 best methods you can use for that purpose. However, remember that an original clear picture is always better than an unblurred picture. So, always try to capture pictures with firm hands, stable equipment, and still background to avoid getting blurred images.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your opinions about it in the comments.

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